Helping Life Science Companies

Raise Capital, Increase Sales, and Achieve More With Custom Websites & Applications

PersonaDx helps researchers and life science companies collaborate on projects, commercialize new discoveries, and improve lab efficiency quickly & affordably

Decrease Costs & Improve Your Labs Efficency By Automating Time Consuming Tasks

This tool automatically pulls data from multiple lab management systems, analyzes the data, and creates detailed reports that are used to maintain quality standards. This use to take a lab technician 4-6 hours every week to complete but by automating the process, the lab technician can focus on revenue generating tasks.

Increase Sales By Crawling Public Databases For Recently Awarded Grants & New Clinical Trials

This tool uses multiple private and government databases to identify the contact information for researchers and principle investigators who are involved in specific research. This allows your sales and marketing team to create targeted lists of prospects.

Automatically Generate Targeted Emails That Nurture Your Prospects & Build Brand Awareness

This tool automatically pulls articles from multiple life science publications based on a customers specific area of research and generates a personalized daily email newsletter for that individual with a targeted ad for your company based on the articles content.

Create Tools That Help Prospects Find What They Need & Make Faster Buying Decisions

This tool uses the NCBI database to automatically generate over 60,000 gene specific products and product landing pages to simplify the buying process for customers while making it easier for prospects to find the product on Google.